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Is body painting an art form?
This question is frequently asked. I happen to think that it is indeed a very complex form of art which comprises many different components. Art is situated between the very tangible world of objects and a subjective perception. If one examines the origin of body painting and its development until today, one realises the complexity of the subject.

The Artist and the Model
The language of the artist is colour, with which he tries to create a painting, to give life to an idea. The empty canvas is the challenge. In our case the canvas has a three-dimensional volume, moves and is animated by emotions. While I take possession of the body as a sensitive canvas I try to bring about a close connection between art and life. Art is the living body which, in turn, has to become a work of art. For the painter, the body is both material and form, the means and the purpose. It is the confrontation with a painting which talks and moves. As an artist I am the first viewer of my painting but at the same time I am confronting my model directly.

The reaction of the models (and dancers) to the colour sticking literally to their skin is astounding, varying from joy, to calmness, to nervousness or uneasiness, the range of postures and attitudes is wide and at the same time interesting to analyse.

As a body painter I am creator and observer of a body which becomes both canvas and soft clay…

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