Welcome to Feel the Colour, the official homepage of Lydia Bintener, where you will find some information about her work and ongoing projects.

The Artist

Lydia Bintener has studied art at the University of Strasbourg, with a thesis on Body painting (which can be consulted at the University). She teaches art and history of art at the Lycée des Garçons in Luxembourg. She has organised several performances and exhibitions, big scale photography for galleries and special events.

Among her exhibitions:
- Galerie Schweitzer, Luxemburg;
- Salon d'Art Contemporain, Bagneux, France;
- International Art Competition, New Jersey Center for Visual Arts, New Jersey, USA;
- Salon d'Art Contemporain, Noisy le Grand, France;
- Art Contemporain Lux, Centre Albert Borchette, Communauté Européenne, Bruxelles, Belgium;
- International Woman Artists San Francisco, Golden Gate Bridge Parc, USA;
- International Gallery, San Francisco, USA;
- Blieskastel, Germany;
- Agora Gallery; New York, USA;
- Galerie Bertrand Kass, Innsbrück, Austria;
- Spazio Pestalozzi, Milano, Italy;
- World of Events, Wiesbaden, Germany.