Welcome to Feel the Colour, the official homepage of Lydia Bintener, where you will find some information about her work and ongoing projects.

About Us

Body painting is not an individual art, it is a collective experience where model and painter are at some times very closely connected.

In these last years I have tried to give new life to the body through my painting and to express myself via the language of colour. This is not just my endeavour but the result of a common effort, an enriching cooperation with models, photographers, choreographers, dancers and musicians. Some of these work relationships have in time evolved into lasting friendships.

Our co-workers:

Bernard Baumgarten
Sylvia Camarda
Malou Thein

Georges Schneider
Jean-Claude Backes
Patrick Muller
Stephan Broc
Thomas Kugener

Boris Dinev
Al Ginter
Vania Dineva
Marion Welter
Kuno Wagner-Limburg

Make-up consultant:
El Tao

Costumes and accessories:

Other working partners:

Céline Nitschke (Graphics)
Consti Clemens (Assistance)

Bernard Baumgarten

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